Are you a dreamer or a doer?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about the life you'd like to have?

  • Financial freedom 
  • Luxury holidays 
  • Fast car
  • Beautiful home

Or  are you out there making it happen? Living life on your terms.

If you want the good life, holidays, cars, and to be free from financial worries

You have to get MOTIVATED!


After years of doing the bare minimum, struggling to achieve much of anything and being utterly miserable, I changed. I had to...


Discover the four easy basics that are vital to set you on the road to a rewarding, happy life!

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About Simon

The Lazy Man's Guides are my journey from where I was then to where I am now and details the strategies and ideas I picked up along the way. 

'I found that the things I needed to do to change weren't earth shatteringly difficult, complicated or even unpleasant. There wasn't a magic formula, secret tip or mystical trick that turned my life around.  Just little things that anyone can do.'

Simon - Head of Motivation

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Four things you have to do to live a motivated and Happy life!